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First day in college and I was designated for the dorms. I applied to a university away from my hometown and from my parents house because I wanted some freedom, it was time for me to grow and fly with my own wings. I got paired up with this guy named Jason.

When I entered the room he had already placed his stuff and got the bed he wanted. He was laying in the bed reading a book, it was a romantic novel I think. I Just said hi and started to place my stuff too. It was weird when I was finished and the guy didn’t want to talk, so I headed to the University’s restaurant to grab some food.

When I got back he was in the shower. we had our own bathroom, every dorm in that building had one. I Just sat in my bed and put my headphones on. I had no thing to do today, the classes were only going to start the other day, with some luck maybe later the students were going to have a welcome party for the freshmen.

He git out the shower wearing only his towel. The guy was hot, a hot body and a pretty cute face, Just my type of guy. Maybe living with him was gonna be hard If that guy turned out to be straight.

“So… You’re gay?”

The question took me by surprise. It’s not exactly the first question you expect your roommate to make to you. A lot of things passed through my mind before I answered that question, but the main one was that that guy may be a homofobic. Like, If knowing that about your roommate was so important to him.

“Yeah… Bi, actually.” I changed position to one that showed my arm muscles, Just in case.

“Me too. I mean gay. I’m gay.” He now was sitting on his bed.

I may have let out a little sigh. I was bigger than him an d could easily beat him in a fight, but meeting an homofobic in the first time I was by my own would be, at least, problematic. I smiled.

“That’s Good to know.” It really was. Not only that hot guy I shared a room with was not an homofobic, but he was a gay guy, which meant that we were sexually compatible and maybe I had a chance. At least a good friendship I could expect, giving that we had the same sexual interest.

He gave me a smile and apparently laid down to sleep, in only his towel.

“Hey, do you know about any parties tonight? I’m gonna die with boredom If I spend the whole night inside doing nothing. And by the way, are you not afraid you maybe… You know, rot your bed with that wet towel?”

“No. And, If you want, I can take off my towel and do something fun for you so you don’t die with boredom” That boy was brutally direct, that’s for sure. I smirked. Never on Earth I would reject a fu cking invite like that.

He took off his towel as promised and showed me his role. It was beautiful, with the right amount of hair. I got up from my bed, opening my pants in the way to his bed. When I got close he put his hands on my thighs, motioning for me to feed him my wood. I was gonna for his ass first, but that was fine for me too. He took me in his mouth slowly, the first suck just put my cock head in his mouth. With every trust he swallowed more and more of my cock. It took a while for him to take all of my 9 inches, but he did it, amazingly.

I grabbed his head and forced just a few trusts. I was about to cum already. I was a spoiled and nerdy guy that grew up with overprotective parents, so yeah, I was a virgin. So I had to stop for a while if I wanted to taste that ass. In the final trusts my hand went to his pussy, to feel how it was. It was not wet, obviously, but it was not dry and rough, the way you would expect it to be right after he got out of the shower. I freed his head from my grip and he gave me a little kiss on the wet head just when I moved myself to his pussy.

It tasted good, better than what I expected. I grabbed his buttocks with my hand and squeezed it. My tongue was going deep. I was feeling his wonderful taste. Tasting the pussy flavor for the first time. Hearing his moans only made the experience greater.

“Come on, don’t you wanna fuck me? Fuck me, pleaseee.”

A bottom’s wish is an order. I felt kind bad and weird to cease the contact of my tongue with such an amazing taste, but I was going to feel the thing I’ve been craving for since I was ten. I lined my Dick with his pussy, the cock head right in that wet and tight circle. His asshole was blinking, like it was kissing the tip of my cock.

“Ready?” I said like I was gonna wait for the answer. But my body was moving on it’s own and I was trusting foward, the tip already entering.

“Yeeeesss !” He asnwered and moaned at the same time, as he felt my cock passing through his puker.

I trusted everything inside as soon as I heard his answer. It took a bit of effort for it to get inside whole, but I did it. I guess I was not the only one inexperienced after all. The guy could handle a hard fuck though, that’s how I knew he wasn’t a complete virgin, like me. I was bumping him hard, forcing him Down and pushing him against the mattress. Soon he was laying on his belly and I was hugged close to his body, slaming my cock against his little hole.

We did it for a while. I held it up longer than I expected. We were both sweaty. He was moaning like a bitch and I was panting. He was grabbing the mattress and the hair in the back oh my Head at the same time. He was also crying with pleasure and moaning hard.

“Cum in me, pleaseeeee” he begged.

I did. I was just holding up to make sure that he reached orgasm too. I would not hold it fo r that much longer though, but now that he asked me to cum, there were no point in holding it back anymore. I bursted my nut inside him. It was eight spurts easy, maybe more. He was full with my sperm. So much that I could feel my own cum in my penis. I could feel it leaking from his pussy too and greasing my balls. When I retreated my cock I took a look. His asshole was open, it seemed like it would never close again, like I had ruined it, and from it was leaking a white liquid, my sperm. It made me proud, it was an awful amount of cum. He turned only his Head to face me and smiled. He swung his ass, I guess he was proud too. He should be, I got excited and let it get over my Head, I may had been a little too rough. His hole blinked and shut, I guess it was not ruined forever after all.

“That’s Better than any party, you have to admit.”

I smiled. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Maybe later, when you get bored again, we can repeat.&rd quo; he blinked. That guy wanted more?? Holy shit!! My cock, that had not gone soft yet, leaped.

I looked to my cock jumping in excitment and smiled. “Me and my cock would love that.”


It started off as high school fun. He was a teenager guy hungry to stick his cock in some girl’s pussy. The faggot’s was the easier one. He goes to the faggot’s house when her parrents aren’t home, nut in her and leave. It is an amazing feeling and he gets addicted.

Soon he is doing that at least three times a week, sometimes even everyday of the week. He can’t get enough. Soon she is falling in love. But it is ridiculous for a girl to fall in love with a guy that is just using her to get off, right? So she doesn’t demonstrate anything. Or at least try not to. But she starts to show signs of it. Dressing up prettier everytime, shavind her whole body and becoming more feminine each time. Everything to please him more and mor e.

Soon even the Bad Boy that bragged to his friends about fucking girls shows a weak spot for the girl. He starts to show more affection each time. He starts to ask her out on real dates to the movies and restaurants. And soon he works out his feeling and finaly declares to her.

Soon that high school fun becomes a relationship. Soon they realize that even Bad Boys and fags can love each other.

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I went to a walk in the park and came across this. The park was desert, it was almost night. My cock immediately jumped in my pants. The boy didn’t appeared to be more than 17.

“What are you doing here alone, boy?” I said trying to show calm to the situation.

He just looked to me from over his shoulders and acted like it was nothing. Like my presence here even bothered him a little. I knew what he was doing there. I just found it strange the situation. He was naked and laying on a wood table like it was the most normal thing to do.

“You have a nice ass.” I grinned to him.

He grinned back and opened one of his buttcheeks, My hand went directly to his right thigh. pushing it up so he could open his legs. Right b efore I started licking his ass i noticed he was wearing a chastity device. That was gonna be fun, I loved fucking guys in chastity.

He let out a loud moan as soon as my tongue touched his hole. the boy had a high pitched voice. That was getting even better and better. I slipped one finger, two. Started fingerfucking him alongside with my tongue. The moans he gave were loud enough for everyone in the track to hear. Luckily there was no one there beside us. The third finger slipped.

I felt the wetness from my cock. The tip of my cock was dripping precum. For sure the whole head of my cock was slippery. I pulled him to the edge of the table. With he still laying I let my cock get inside him slowly.

“OooHh! Come on, fuck me hard!” Came out of his mouth. So I did.

With one trust I was fully inside him. He gasped.

“What were you doing in the middle of the woods, you little slut? Looking for old man cock to fuck your tight hole? yeah?” I was pounding his ass.

“Yees, Siiir.” His girly voice was music to my ears.

His ass was so moisty, and so warm, and he didn’t even had sucked me to lube it up. His loud moans were driving me crazy. I had to cum inside him.

“You want my cum, girl? You want that hot jizz??”

“Yes, Daddy! Give me that Man’s load, Sir.” With that I cummed inside him.

I cummed hard. Spit so much cum. I got him up and landed a kiss on his lips.

“Hey, wanna go back to my house? I can give you coockies.” I laughed. He laughed.

He drove with me back to my house that night. We fucked our brains out. Till I had to return him safe and sound to his parents house.

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Roger has always been my best friend, which is wierd because we are very different. I was always the sports guy, roger was always the nerd. We attended high school together and now college. We picked a university a bit away from our parents houses and our hometown because we wanted privacy and to enjoy our new adult lives.

We obviously don’t do the same course, but we picked the same period in the university, so we could be always together. we are very dependent of each other.

“Mr. Tuner is a pain in the ass!” I said when I realised it was him in the mirror of the bathroom I had used to scape from that boring class.

“ haha. To you every class is a pain in the ass. Even in a course you wanted to take you don’t like the c lasses.”

“Easy for you to say. You are a nerd!”

“True.” See, me and him don’t had trouble with making fun of each other, we know we are an odd duo, I think that made the friendship a lot better. “Mike, do you think that, maybe, I need to lose some weight?” His face accused he didn’t wanted to do that, and that maybe he was gonna be offended depending on my answer.

“No.” he was asking me if I thought he was fat and my answer was sincere. I didn’t think Roger needed to lose weight. That has always been his body type and he had never seen a problem in it. what was happening now? “Why?”

He hesitated a little. He thought i would make fun of him for something. but he knew he couldn’t hide anything from me.

“Some guy rejected me.” Roger was gay btw, and I had always known, since high school. “Said i was too fat.” My fist immediately clenched.

“He said it to your face?” Roger knew I was mad, he knew me better than anyone.

“No. I wanted to… you know,” get fucked by the guy, yeah. “ so I started talking to him through an app, and he said that after seeing my pic… But, no worries, you know I don’t have a problem with that. i just thought that if I changed my body shape I would get more guys.” yeah, i knew he didn’t have a problem with people rejecting him, because they did that his whole life. And by ‘more guys’ he meant ‘at least some guy’.

“I’m gonna punch this guy’s face, you know that right?”

“You don’t need to do that, but thanks” He smiled, he knew I could do that for him, if he wanted me to.

“You are beautiful the way you are. If you want to change, then change, but don’t do that for some guy’s cock. Please”

We stayed quiet for a while. it w as kind of funny that we were using a bathroom to scape things when we didn’t needed that anymore, now we lived away from our parents. Well, maybe in my case, but in Roger’s I guess not even a bathroom could help.

“Besides, A gay guy shouldn’t LIKE a fat ass?? Like, your ass is huge, I would be glad to fuck it if I could.” I meant ‘if you were a girl’, but I guess what I said would fit too.

Roger got red. it was cute seeing how he reacted to getting accidentally hit by a straight dude.

“Well, you can.” he winked. he never joked with that before. We were always best friends and only that. I mean, nothing sexual has never even come up between us. But he was really cute…

“You can’t tease a man like that. You know Men are weak.” i smirked to him. i was not joking or playing him, I was taking a chance.

He stand confused for a while. I don’t know if he was trying to figure out if I was joking or if he was trying to decide if he was going to let me fuck him. So I decided to help him with that decision, i slid my hands inside his pants, with one quick movement. he jumped, scared, and backed off from me.

We were having a silent conversation, or discussion. Looking in my eyes, without saying a word, he was asking if was crazy and what were I doing. I made sure to look the more confident that i could, I wanted him to know that I was not joking, I wanted that, I wanted to make him happy. Besides, I always wanted to take someones virginity, I just never thought in Roger’s.

He realised i was serious. He started giving up and with slow and careful movements he started turning his back for me and putting his pants down, showing me his butt.

“See? It’s not too fat. It’s just perfectly fat.” I smiled proud, my hands were already on his butt again because I’m a hasty guy. I slid one finger inside. “Wow! you ar e wet? How?” His ass had swallowed my whole finger.

“You can call it ‘pussy’.”

It was a beautiful picture, he displaying his ‘pussy’ for me, with a finger inside, turning his face to me. My dick started to grow. I started humping him. That got my dick fully hard, and by the wetness I felt inside my pants I was already dripping.

“Want to suck your Man?” I whispered in his ears. After all, I didn’t forgot we were in a public bathroom.

He turned and kneeled quickly. He opened my zippers and got My dick out. He stroked me for a bit, licking his lips seeing my veiny and wet cock. I forced his head for him to get it in his mouth. His mouth was warm and soaked in saliva. it was so hot I skullfucked him. I hold and forced his face so much against my cock that he choked and gagged. His eyes were red and watery. I freed him from my grip.

“Sorry, I got excited.” i laughed.

“I don&rs quo;t mind. I like that.” he smiled for me too. Soon my cock was inside that little cute face again.

I was almost cumming when I remembered why I was fucking Roger. I needed to give that fat ass some attention too, even with that mouth being so hot and enough to make me cum. His pussy needed my attention.

“Up! and against the mirror.” He did as ordered.

His ass was up without needing my orders. I guess he liked being told what to do, or he was really in heat. My cock was wet from his mouth and his pussy was wet because he was horny, I guess it lubrificated itself. It fit my cock like a glove. My big cock was hitting the walls of that womb, burried deep. I pumped in him.

His moans were quiet, but I could tell he was muffling them because of our situation. That made me think how loud he would be when we’re alone at our apartment. Now I know how lucky and clever I was to get an apartment for only me and him when we came to the university, i nstead of staying at the dorms. I Knew he was gonna be my personal fat slut. My cock jumped with that thought.

I was close to cumming. I grabbed his hair and put our bodies closer. I watched his suffering face on the mirror. I had forgot it was his first time. Maybe I was being too rough to him.

“Are you enjoying your first time, Slut?”

“Yes, Master!”

“I don’t see your cock hard.” I really didn’t see it. it was like he was hiding it from me. If he was hard his cock would be crushed between his belly and the sink, or maybe it was urder the sink, fucking the sink and maybe that way he would cum soon.

“I don’t have one, Sir. I am a girl slut, a fat slut, I have a little clit and a pussy only.” Shit! that got me hornier.

I started fucking him with all I got. He had give me a green light. I was raping his pussy the way I liked. Normal girls usually don’t let me fuck them this hard. If Roger was Ok with this maybe he was about to get more cock than he imagine, from me. That was my fucking dream, a girl that let me do want I pleased to her, that let me fuck her relentlessly. I ejaculated in him. as my cum erupted from the tip of my cock, filling him, I kept fucking him. With luck that would push the cum deep enough to him never be able to get it out, or maybe get pregnant from it.

When he felt the warmness of my cum he screamed with pleasure. I covered his mouth. He seemed to have forgot we were in public bathroom. He kept moaning loud against my hands till I retreated my cock from inside him.

“Was I too rough?” I was really worried about him. Maybe I got caught in the heat and extrapolated.

“You were just perfect.” When he turned to face me I saw his little cock for the first time, soft. It really looked like a clit. I should not worry about it in sex.

I hugged him and kissed his neck. “Thank you.”

“I should be thanking you. You were the one taking my virginity and doing me a favor.” he was shy again. He Put his pants up again in a hurry and I realised I should do the same.

“I was not doing you a favor. I wanted that.” It was the true. and maybe I liked it too much.


The intention was to humiliate the fag. He didn’t even make the fag take off her clothes. He just wanted to cum all over her insignificant clit. And she loved that feeling.

But this time he’s not getting satisfied by just that. After cumming his dick didn’t softened. He was still ready to go and his urge to cum didn’t even decreased. He looked into that black pair of eyes behind the glasses. And back to his penis.

“Guess I’ll have to fuck you, fag.” The girl’s face immediately light up. He smiled at the innocence.

He took off her clothes. And pushed her legs up with force and started to tongue her pussy. He heard her moans and started to eat her with more hunger. She sounded like a real girl and tha t only helped with his hard cock. She was so incredulous that He was about to fuck her that that showed in the girly sounds she was making.

When He finally stopped lubing her and decided to shove his big cock inside had faggy cunt her eyes rolled so hard. She grabbed the sheet’s fabric and couldn’t let go. Her moans filled the room and he was sure that even the upstairs neighbor could hear her.

She was feeling the cock head into her womb, hitting her pussy’s walls. The sensations she was feeling from that fuck was indescribable. She was with that chastity long enough to forget what masturbating feels like and it has also been ages since she last got fucked. All that combined with her being fucked her brains out made her almost black out. She was out of herself, lost in pleasure. Then he started to slap her ass.

“Fuck girl! You all that I needed today.” He slapped harder.

That made her cry. She was crying with pleasure while she cum med. She was cumming in his dick. But there was no cum going out of her little clit. She was cunt cumming, cumming from her ass. All the muscles there started to loosen up and squeeze at the same time, massaging his cock. It was getting wetter too. And she had never felt such thing before. And then he cummed too.

He couldn’t bear all that. Her cunt was massaging him like crazy. It was amazing. Her body telling him that she was ready to accept his cum. That she was ready to be impregnated. He shot about eight spurts of thick and strong sperm inside her. It was guaranteed she would get pregnant. She just moaned louder when she felt that and realised she was gonna be a mom.

He left her there with an open and abused cunt full of his babies and went home. They had been in contact for almost a year now. And maybe now he would have to make her his new girlfriend.


My older brother recently got sex reassignment surgery…but he’s not transgender. He still thinks of himself as a gay man, which the family has known since he was a teenager. He’s not a flamboyant or girly, but he’s always been shy around boys. It’s because he was a horny little kid attracted to every guy he could lay eyes on. Now that he’s in his late 20s, he admitted to me that he likes being a guy, but got no satisfaction from his penis. He also thinks his new pussy will attract straight men for some reason, his preferred specialty.

It’s been a month after his surgery and he’s been living with me. I don’t ask him much about his recovery because he seems to be doing fine, but one day he asks if I could help him dilate. Not knowing what that means, he takes me out onto the patio and undresses. His newly shaped vagina is stuffed with a pink dildo-like object.

“It’s a dilator. It keeps my pussy from closing up,” he tells me, “makes me able to take dick. But fuck, it hurts like a motherfucker. Can you just thrust it back in forth? I don’t think I can do it…”

I uneasily accept, taking the dilator firmly and begin basically fucking him. I at first look away, but soon glance over. Fuck, he’s tight. And wet! I could hear my brother moan to my thrusts. I couldn’t help but get hard. Was I really getting off to this? Instinctively, I go faster. His moans get louder. My cock gets harder. Does this make me gay too? I didn’t realize how fast I was going until my brother storms up and grabs my hand, stopping me. Sweat was pouring down his flushed face and his pussy was bright red. I thought he’d be i n pain…or in rage, but he just smiled.

“Careful, little bro! Don’t want this shit to tear. The doctor said I have to wait at least three months before my cunt is good enough to fuck, so looks like you’ll have to wait until then.” He then placed his hand on my bulging crotch, “but there are other ways I can help you out….”


My son has the opposite of an erectile dysfunction–an erectile hyperfunction. Several doctors have diagnosed him with the problem, and it’s exactly what it sounds. My kid is too horny, and although that might be the case for any average 19 year old, he’s hard nearly all day and night, and if he doesn’t get any relief, his erection and his prostate begin to throb painfully.

Doctors recommend medication, but what they don’t know is I had this “disorder” when I was his age, too, and no medication cured me. My dad helped me out the good old fashion way: man milking.

The way to man milking is for the son to get on all fours, asshole and cock exposed. The father would then begin to stroke the cock as if h e was milking a cow. In addition, he would finger or rim the asshole to massage the prostate, coaxing larger ejaculations, which results in longer periods of relief.

My son is now in his early twenties and his hyperfunction erections are 100% under control. Even though he doesn’t get hard during the day like he used to, we still have our daily man milking sessions.

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Justin, Tanner and I had been friends forever. We used to get into all sorts of trouble with our teachers, pulling one prank after another all through out our limited years in public school. Justin and Tanner were the more athletic types, playing on a different varsity team depending on the time of the year. I was the writer. I’d sit and write poems about the different girls I was into and eventually woo them into my good graces by calling them my muse or some other bullshit like that. I’d drop them quickly afterwards though. Art is always more beautiful from a distance. Once college came around we all decided we’d go to the same place and live together and whoever our fourth roommate would be we’d just bother them until they wanted to move out. After all, we were the kings of pranks and we had more than a fair share of teachers quit after having a class with us three. 

We didn’t anticipate our roommate would be a girl. A hot one at that. Her name was Lucy and from the moment we all saw her we wanted her. The good thing is she was always such a slut. She’d dress up in skimpy clothes with fishnets and tube tops like she was asking for some guy to come up and ravage her. I know you’re not supposed to say girl wants it but she was definitely sending out signals that she wanted to be fucked and hard. We all tried to woo her though and no matter what moves we did she always gave as a sly smile and the cold shoulder. 

Fortunately for us Tanner’s dad worked at Pharmco Pharmaceuticals and he knew with a few well placed suggestions and some persistence he could convince his dad to hand over some of this new experimental horniness drug they were working on. I t was supposed to be like viagra but it apparently worked on everyone. Now I know the moral implications of this but listen we would take some too so we couldn’t get into trouble.

The Friday night after we got the pills we put the plan into effect we invited Lucy to sit on the couch with us and throw back a couple beers and watch something on Netflix. She agreed but only if she could pick the movie. We pretended to be disappointed but we all knew we weren’t going to be watching the movie. Tanner went into the kitchen and poured us each a glass of beer and we started some dumb chick flick that she was desperate to watch and began our night. As the opening credits started to roll, I nervously took a sip from the beer in my hands. It didn’t taste any different and soon I forgot about the experimental additive we snuck in. 

Time must have zoomed past because before I knew it the movie was over. Excited by the prospect of getting with Lucy I turned t o where she was sitting only to realize she wasn’t there anymore and, what’s worse, her beer was completely full. I looked to Tanner and Justin only to notice there dopey smiles and how glazed over there eyes were. Did I look like that? I tried to stand up but the friction of my cock against my underwear stopped me in my tracks. I was moaning. Uncontrollably moaning as I felt my cock barely rub against the inside of my briefs and when I began to moan Justin and Tanner began to do that same. I forgot all about Lucy. I forgot about a lot of things that night to be honest. All I remember is two things: Finding a note from Lucy that said “Jokes on you ;)” and how much of a slut I felt all night while Justin and Tanner bred my hole over and over again.

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